Collected Letters, Volume 2 (e-book)


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It is well-known that our spiritual master gets so many letters. Very often, the questions that the disciples ask have been already answered by Guru Maharaj in his letters to other devotees. Therefore, Guru Maharaj wants to publish such books of letters regularly…

Volume: Vol 2
Collected Letters, Volume 2 (e-book)
Collected Letters, Volume 2 (e-book) $6.75


This is the second volume in a series of books of letters by His Holiness Niranjana Swami, containing letters from 1991 to 1998. Maharaja receives so many letters on an ongoing basis with various questions and requests for instructions. Often, disciples’ questions have already been addressed in Maharaja’s letters to other devotees. These letters have therefore been compiled and published for the benefit of those who may have similar questions. Topics in this volume include:

The relationship with the spiritual master;
devotee relationships;
family relationships;
preparing for death;
and so much more.

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