The new “Just Chant!” Double Album
consisting of ten tracks

1. Purification (Hare Krishna) [6:06]
2. Ocean of Bliss (Jai Govinda Jai Gopal) [12:38]
3. Awakening (Hare Krishna) [featuring Ananta Govinda] [10:37]
4. Devotion (Radhe Govinda) [featuring Acyuta Gopi] [9:44]
5. Sweet Nectar (Hare Krishna) [16:48]
6. Just Chant (Bol Hari Bol) [7:19]
7. Longing (Hare Krishna) [12:52]
8. Holy Name (Nadiya Godrume) [7:36]
9. Kirtan (Hare Krishna) [featuring Krishna Kishora] [12:47]
10. 12 Years of Separation (Hare Krishna) [featuring Akincana Krishna Dasa] [7:06]

Purusartha dasa
Chris Butler
Akincana Krsna dasa
Acyuta Gopi devi dasi
Ananta Govinda dasa
Krishna Kishora dasa
Rati Manjari devi dasi
Hrsikesa dasa

Lead Vocals & Harmonium: Niranjana Swami, Ananta Govinda, Acyuta Gopi, Akincana Krishna Dasa and Krishna Kishora (Kish)

Background Vocals: Niranjana Swami, Ananta Govinda, Acyuta Gopi, Akincana Krishna Dasa, Krishna Kishora, Rati Manjari and Hrsikesa dasa

Bass: Purusartha Dasa

Percussion: Ananta Govinda and Akincana Krishna Dasa

Flute: Krishna Kishora

Kartals: Acyuta Gopi and Rati Manjari

Recorded at: Butler Recording, Brooklyn, NY

Recording Engineer: Chris Butler

Mix Engineers: Paul Fox, Chris Butler, Devananda Sadkin and Hrsikesa dasa (Harish Vaswani)

Mastered at: Indie Masters, Melbourne, Australia

Mastering Engineer: Paul Fox

Artwork Designers: Purusartha Dasa and Sri Radha Devi Dasi

Project Co-ordinator: Divya Dasi

Produced by: Niranjana Swami and Hrsikesa dasa (Harish Vaswani)

A very special thanks to Bada Haridas for his expert guidance.

The much anticipated Just Chant! Double Album is now available for sale! Featuring HH Niranjana Swami, along with numerous other kirtaneers, you can now obtain and listen to over 1.5 hours of heart-stirring bhajans and kirtan.
All proceeds of this album will be donated to the “ISKCON Youth Ministry” in order to sponsor youth who would otherwise be unable to take part in the annual “Youth Bus Tours”. These tours have changed the lives of so many young devotees by giving them the opportunity to associate with one another, engage in service, lead kirtans and dramas and create memories that will sustain their devotional lives for many years to come.
By purchasing this album, please know that you will be directly impacting the lives of numerous young devotees in the most positive way possible. Therefore, we humbly request that you please purchase these digital recordings at the upcoming Bhakti Sangama festival through: 1) designated devotees or 2) by purchasing the album here: Please do not copy these recordings from others or purchase them through any other sources.